Earthquake orphans: what Nepal can learn from Haiti

Griffith Asia Institute
Kate van Doore, Griffith University Following the earthquake in 2010, Westerners flocked to Haiti to “rescue” orphaned and lost children. The “rescue” included the evacuation of children by plane for inter-country adoption and an increase in the number of children placed in orphanages in the following months. The problem that has since emerged is that […]

Time to deal with disaster from the front

Setting sun shines on a truck that is picking up post-disaster debris.
Centre for Governance and Public Policy
A once-in-a-generation opportunity to shift the focus of disaster management policy in Australia must be seized, says adjunct professor at Griffith University’s School of Government and International Relations, Jim McGowan AM. In a Griffith University submission to the Productivity Commission’s public inquiry into Natural Disaster Funding Arrangements, Professor McGowan has called for a move away […]

Lessons learned from natural disaster

Anne Tiernan
School of Government and International Relations
Associate Professor Anne Tiernan was a featured speaker at the State Services Commission and ANZSOG applied learning event in Christchurch earlier this month, which focused on the Australasian experience of post-disaster policy management. The event was one in a series of events that aimed to draw on the experiences of Australians and New Zealanders in […]