Australian Red Cross has temporarily established its Emergency Operations Command Centre at Griffith University’s Nathan campus due to the floods.

The core operational team will be working 24/7 from Griffith’s Disaster and Resilience Management Facility (DRMF) housed in Griffith’s new Engineering, Technology and Aviation building which is purpose-built for just such a scenario.

“The DMRF has been designed to enable improved disaster management and decision support,’’ said Professor Cheryl Desha from the School of Engineering and Built Environment.

“It’s used for research and scenario planning, as well as activation training for disaster response and recovery. We are on a hill, with good access and great spaces.

“We are delighted to be able to offer the Red Cross a home to enable their continued disaster response efforts. It is an important facet of our partnership MoU.”

Red Cross State Emergency Services Manager and acting Queensland Director Collin Sivalingum said the organisation’s Milton facility was unavailable due to flooding.

“We are excited to move to the Griffith facility, where we have somewhere safe for our staff and volunteers and can continue to help those most in need,’’ he said.

“With further rain forecast it’s an anxious wait for affected communities and our teams will be working tirelessly during this time.”

Professor Desha said Griffith had been working with government and industry partners over the past two year to plan ahead for activating the facility in situations like this.

“It feels good to be using our university buildings to serve communities in crisis. The MOU between Red Cross and Griffith University defines an important partnership on a range of opportunities ranging from student placements through to research and capacity building.”

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