The Queensland Disaster Research Alliance (QDRA), which Griffith University is a member of, has appointed Annie Rehman as its Alliance Manager.

With a dynamic background spanning over 14 years in building construction, architectural design, academia, research, and project management, Annie brings a wealth of experience to her new role. 

Annie’s role at QDRA will play a pivotal part in fostering successful collaborations among the member universities. Her strategic thinking and expertise in stakeholder engagement make her well-suited to spearhead initiatives aimed at securing research funding and opportunities for the Alliance members. 

With a versatile skill set encompassing project management, strategic thinking, stakeholder engagement, ethical decision-making and adaptability, Annie has successfully navigated complex projects, contributing significantly to projects involving sustainable development, housing resilience, urban design, emergency shelters, intergenerational park design, and disaster research. 

Annie envisions the QDRA members being recognised as key partners for government and private sectors in delivering valuable outcomes for disaster risk reduction, preparedness and resilience, particularly in Queensland, as it is one of the most disaster-impacted states in Australia. 

She is currently doing her PhD in disaster resilience, with a passion in fostering resilient communities and sustainable development. Her current focus for QDRA is on multi-universities collaborative bids for identifying the expertise, enhancing the capacity as well as the building the relationship with the stakeholders to achieve the mutual goal of building disaster resilience in Queensland as well as nationally in Australia.  

“As manager of the Queensland Disaster Research Alliance (QDRA), Annie, aims to assist government and businesses in recognising the significance of university research in building disaster resilience. Emphasising the potential of Australian universities in providing crucial policy and governance advice, we are excited to welcome her as our new full-time Alliance Manager,” said Professor Paul Greenfield, Chair of the Queensland Disaster Research Alliance.

“Annie’s extensive background in project management, academia, and research perfectly aligns with our mission to advance disaster resilience and sustainable development. Her appointment represents a significant step in our commitment to enhancing collaborative efforts among the seven member universities, particularly in securing research bids and funding opportunities.” 

“I am very excited for this opportunity, my goal for this year is securing multi-university collaboration bids and funding opportunities which ultimately advance our collective mission for Team Queensland,” Annie said. 

About the Queensland Disaster Research Alliance (QDRA): 

The Queensland Disaster Research Alliance (QDRA) is a collaborative network of seven universities dedicated to advancing research, education, and engagement in disaster management. The Alliance aims to contribute to the development of resilient communities through impactful research and academic initiatives. The Queensland Disaster Research Alliance includes the following member universities across Queensland: 

  • Central Queensland University 
  • Griffith University 
  • James Cook University 
  • Queensland University of Technology 
  • Sunshine Coast University 
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Southern Queensland 

For further inquiries with Annie Rehman, please contact at [email protected] or visit 

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