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6 May 2015

As the mining boom wanes, Australia pivots to services

Tony Makin, Griffith University In this ‘Economy in transition’ series, we explore the new economy facing Australia and the opportunities...

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1 July 2015

Pharmacy jobs boom puts Griffith at the top

Booming job prospects within the pharmaceutical industry and a burgeoning image of Griffith pharmacy graduates has led the university to increase its degree program offerings in pharmacy and pharmacology.

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28 May 2015
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8 May 2018
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21 June 2016

Federal Election 2016: What we are saying

Griffith University experts have contributed to media analysis of the double dissolution election.

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14 June 2016

Coalition retains edge in marginal Qld seats — new analysis reveals

Bill Shorten appears unlikely to get the swing Labor needs to oust Malcolm Turnbull in the Federal Election on on July 2, a new federal election analysis shows.

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10 May 2016
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5 May 2015

A bumpy ride ahead: Australia’s economy and the ‘new normal’

Hui Feng, Griffith University As the federal government prepares to hand down its 2015 budget, it’s clear declining revenue from...

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13 January 2014

Need to clear hurdles to Indigenous business

For all the benefits that come with the creation and growth of Indigenous business ventures, the path has not been easy and obstacles remain, says Griffith University's Dr Peter McAllister

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14 December 2012

Qld a mine of information for Mongolians

Resource-rich Mongolia has turned to Queensland for a lesson from the coalface in how the revenues and taxes of a...

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