Federal Election 2016: What we are saying

Griffith in the Media



Professor Anne Tiernan, Director, Policy Innovation Hub

The Conversation

“With two-and-a-half weeks of campaigning to go, there doesn’t appear to be the kind of mood for change that usually accompanies big swings in Queensland.”


Dr Paul Williams, School of Humanities

The Australian

“The PUP supporters from the 2013 election came from both the major parties; they were angry, it was a pox on both houses, and they are unlikely to go back at this election with the current leadership.”


Dr Katherine Hunt, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics

ABC Radio National (Breakfast with Fran Kelly)

“Young people are looking for some kind of concrete recognition of their value to society and something that could bring them into the political process. But there is nothing in the leadership of any of the major political parties that is giving them something to engage with the process.


Professor Patrick Weller, School of Government and International Relations

Sydney Morning Herald

“Whether you reduce corporate tax by one percentage point isn’t the definition of class war. This stuff about a supposed class war always comes out when anyone talks about taxes on business.”


Professor Christine Smith, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics

Courier Mail

“These pledges (to fund a new stadium in Townsville) will have an ‘announcement effect’ that will be felt in a community where there has been a recent mood of doom and gloom.”


Professor Stuart Bunn, Australian Rivers Institute

ABC Radio National (PM)

“Tackling issues like sediment delivery to the Great Barrier Reef requires a much more focused and targeted investment.”


Dr Tracey Arklay, School of Government and International Relations

612 ABC (Weekends)

“Drawing Tony Abbott into the marginal seats campaign to energise the party faithful and secure crucial primary votes is a really high risk strategy for Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition.”


Dr Duncan McDonnell, School of Government and International Relations

Brisbane Times

“I’d be surprised if they (Australian Liberty Alliance) got somebody over the line.”


Professor Fabrizio Carmignani, Head of Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics

ABC Gold Coast (Breakfast)

“I believe that the budget will be the core issue that will be discussed during the campaign and to answer the question what must be done to transform the Australian economy after mining boom.”


Jenny Menzies, Centre for Governance and Public Policy

The Machinery of Government

“A long campaign has many inherent dangers and the majority of them lie in wait for the government rather than the Opposition.”


Professor Susanne Becken, Director, Griffith Institute for Tourism

Griffith News

“To commit to invest that much money to northern Australia tourism projects shows they get tourism and understand it is a vital sector.”


Professor David Peetz, Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources

The Conversation

“A looming decision on weekend penalty rates presents problems for both major parties in the lead-up to Australia’s federal election.”


Professor Noel Scott, Deputy Director, Griffith Institute for Tourism

ABC Gold Coast (Mornings)

“A change of approach is needed for the Chinese touristmarket and other Asian markets. It requires a rethink about what the customer wants.”