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16 November 2014

G20 Interfaith Summit under way on Gold Coast

The link between religious freedom and economic growth is being explored at a three-day Interfaith Summit hosted by Griffith University in the immediate wake of the G20 Leaders Summit

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2 September 2014
Australian Human Rights Commissioner, Tim Wilson, will be among the speakers at the G20 Interfaith Summit.

G20 Interfaith Summit to be held on Gold Coast

How protecting religious freedom could boost the economy will be an unusual but central theme of a three-day conference to...

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2 October 2018

Griffith Interfaith Centre plays key role in G20 Interfaith Forum

The forum's theme was ‘Building Consensus for Fair and Sustainable Development: Religious Contributions for a Dignified Future.’

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13 November 2014
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5 November 2014

Program of G20-related events announced

University announces series of events leading up to Brisbane Summit

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9 October 2014
Professor Andrew O'Neil, Head of School of Government and International Relations

Griffith’s G20 Experts

A wide range of Griffith University researchers are available for expert commentary on the forthcoming G20 Leaders Summit.

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16 July 2014
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13 May 2014
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19 November 2013
Director of Griffith University's Multi-Faith Centre, Brian J Adams

Rudd’s interfaith vision needs secularists

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd could make a lasting contribution towards a just, peaceful society by facilitating secular-religious dialogue.

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