The G20 Leaders Summit will place Brisbane in the global spotlight in November. What does it mean for the local community? How do the people of Brisbane get their minds around the G20 and what it brings to their city?

Griffith University has teamed up with Quest Community Newspapers and OurSay to give Brisbane residents the opportunity to put their questions about the G20 to Lord Mayor Graham Quirk.

If you could ask Lord Mayor Quirk any question on the G20 what would it be? By taking part in our online forum, you will have the chance to do exactly that.

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“The G20 Leaders Summit offers an excellent platform for Griffith University to lead debate around related issues and prompt informed discussion across the wider community,” Griffith University Vice Chancellor Ian O’Connor said.

“The university is privileged to be sponsoring a wide range of activities that contribute to the G20 agenda. We are very hopeful of bringing the significance of the G20 home to our community.”

GQwebLord Mayor Graham Quirk (left) congratulated Griffith University and Quest Newspapers on the initiative.

“The G20 Leaders Summit will make Brisbane the centre of the world for one weekend in November,” he said.

“It is important that the people of Brisbane understand what this means for them, their families, their lives and I look forward to the opportunity to respond to some of the important questions that will be raised through this forum.”

In association with Griffith University and Quest, OurSay has set up an online forum where questions for the Lord Mayor will be sourced until August 15. As well as submitting questions about the G20, the online platform also gives participants the opportunity to vote for the best questions.

Mayor Graham Quirk will address the top three questions on August 20 at an event to be streamed live.

The OurSay project is the latest in a series of Griffith University initiatives in the build-up to the Leaders Summit. The program of events involves high-level debates on G20 issues plus a range of activities designed to inform the community and university and high school students about the role and influence of the G20.

“The quality of the program highlights the calibre of expertise at Griffith University in the G20 sphere. It also demonstrates the university’s focus on community engagement and ensuring Queensland’s general public is part of the G20 discussion this year,” Professor O’Connor said.

“Our students are the global leaders of tomorrow and their involvement and participation in G20 activities will have far-reaching benefits into the future.”

G20 Scholars

Twenty Griffith students will be welcomed into the G20 Scholars Program later in July through which they will have the opportunity to take part in a series of G20-related events including an intensive training course.

In semester two high school students will be part of a G20-related debate through a series of Griffith Business School lectures on energy transition where they will join university peers for five weeks.

In September, marking the 25th anniversary of the handing down of the Fitzgerald Inquiry report, Griffith University will host Towards Integrity 20 in conjunction with its annual Fitzgerald Lecture.

A two-day, high-level symposium, Towards Integrity 20 will involve delegates from more than half of the G20 countries aiming to establish new leadership in the area of integrity.

Later in the year, the G20 Leaders Summit in November will provide the backdrop for the first East-West Dialogue on Tourism and the Chinese Dream to be hosted by Griffith University. International tourism experts from Australia and China will explore emerging markets during three days of high level dialogue.