Griffith’s G20 Experts

Professor Andrew O'Neil, Head of School of Government and International Relations
Professor Andrew O'Neil

  • Andrew O’Neil (School of Government and International Relations)

International relations and geopolitics; global security; Asia and the G20

  • Fabrizio Carmignani (Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics)

Strategies for economic growth, G20 processes and influence, G20 and development

  • Tony Makin (APEC Study Centre)

International economics, international finance, fiscal policy; Asia-Pacific economies

  • Janet Ransley (School of Criminology and Criminal Justice)

Police powers and protest groups, exercising police discretion, previous G20 protests

  • Russell Trood (School of Government and International Relations)

Significance of G20 Summit; international relations

  • Wesley Widmaier (Centre for Governance and Public Policy)

G20 studies, international political economy, US foreign policy, international crises

  • Ashutosh Misra (Centre for Excellence in Policing and Security)

Global security, international terrorism, India as global power, Indo-Pacific region

  • Hamish McLean (School of Humanities)

Risk and crisis communication, Social media manipulated protests, major event preparation for a crisis, responding to activist groups

  • Jeremy Williams (Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainable Enterprise)

Climate change, sustainable development, sustainable enterprise

  • Charles Sampford (Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law)

Transnational security, tax integrity, G20’s development agenda, financial regulation, strengthening development, ethics, integrity and the G20

  • Susanne Becken (Griffith Institute for Tourism)

Tourism and trade liberalisation, tourism and collaboration, corporate tourism

  • Colin Brown (Griffith Asia Institute)

Indonesia and the G20

  • Steven Feng (Griffith Asia Institute)

China and the G20, Chinese economy

  • Kate O’Donnell (School of Criminology and Criminal Justice)

Critical infrastructure policy, militant climate change activism, policing environmental protests

  • Brian Adams (Centre for Interfaith &Cultural Dialogue)

Religious freedom and global economy

  • Anne Tiernan (School of Government and International Relations)

Agenda setting, policy advice, intergovernmental coordination

  • Matthew Burke (Urban Research Program)

Urban planning, transport policy, Australian cities, Asian cities, barriers to movement

  • AJ Brown (Centre for Governance and Public Policy)

Corruption, Whistleblower laws, Integrity systems

  • Sarah Gardiner (Griffith Institute for Tourism)

Hospitality and hotel management, service industry standards, destination marketing

  • Tapan Sarker (Griffith Asia Institute)

Energy transition, energy and emerging economies

  • Jason Sharman (Centre for Governance and Public Policy)

Corruption, money laundering, integrity, governance and regulation [Based in New York until December; available on email] MEDIA CONTACT: Stephen O’Grady, 0408 727 706, [email protected]