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16 April 2024

Combatting disruptive ‘noise’ – a quantum communication breakthrough

Experiment demonstrates how networks can be leveraged to combat disruptive ‘noise’ in quantum communications.

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5 December 2022

Measuring times in billionths of a billionth of a second

Scientists develop technique capable of measuring time delays with zeptosecond (a trillionth of a billionth of a second) resolution.

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12 April 2022
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18 January 2022
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7 July 2021

Researchers work to build error-proof quantum computer

Griffith University scientists have secured another $2M from the US Department of Defence’s Next Generation Technologies Fund.

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8 February 2021
Lou Marais (NMI), Michael Wouters (NMI) and Professor Erik Streed next a timing stations.

Researchers test new quantum theory of time

Do clocks run slower the closer they are to a nuclear reactor? Griffith University researchers are aiming to find out as they test a revolutionary new theory.

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16 November 2020
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18 August 2020
Probing the reality of observations made by an artificial quantum intelligence

New quantum paradox reveals contradiction between widely-held beliefs

Quantum physicists at Griffith University have unveiled a new paradox that says, when it comes to certain long-held beliefs about nature, “something’s gotta give”.

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17 January 2020
Professor Robert Sang and Professor Igor Litvinyuk in the Australian Attosecond Science Facility.

ARC funding upgrades Australia’s fastest laser system

Researchers at Griffith University’s Australian Attosecond Science Facility have been awarded $744,000 in Australian Research Council funding for a new...

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12 August 2019
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