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17 July 2013
A student in the exersize lab at Griffith University

Sports Psychology finds new Gold Coast home

A new Sports and Exercise Psychology laboratory in the new Griffith Health Centre on the Gold Coast will involve research facilities and additional testing rooms as well a specifically designed exercise/sport performance room

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29 February 2012

Researcher targets heart of mood matter

Up to 20 per cent of people who have heart attacks also have to deal with depression afterwards, and many...

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16 November 2020
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9 October 2018
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21 September 2018

Girls better readers and writers than boys – study

A new study from Griffith University has found girls on average are better than boys at reading and there is an even larger gap with writing ability.

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27 March 2018
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14 December 2012
Associate Professor David Neumann

Early diagnosis crucial for schizophrenia

An early diagnoses of schizophrenia can be crucial in learning to cope with the condition and establish a stable identity which can cope with the significant the changes in relationships.

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