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24 November 2021
SEQ Olympic Planning

The 2032 Olympics: Urban and environmental planning matters

Mega-events cause extremes of excitement and anxiety for urban planners. Among mega-events, the Olympics is the rarest opportunity – most planners will never get to take it on. Much like athletes winning gold, planners who deliver a successful Olympics secure a permanent professional legacy.

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30 November 2023
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23 May 2023

Why was Brisbane’s 2022 flood different?

11 years on from the devastating 2011 flood, why was the Brisbane 2022 flood different? Why did it inundate areas untouched since 1974?

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25 November 2022
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15 November 2022
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9 August 2022
Vivid Sydney

How public art can reinvigorate Australia’s landscape

New public artworks can again hold a mirror up for local communities that have changed in unexpected ways. They offer opportunity to celebrate differences and commonalities and reflect the lived experiences of communities navigating unprecedented change.

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11 July 2022
Lakefield National Park, Cape York

Uncovering the changing rhythms of rivers and people

Rivers follow rhythmic changes; they flow with the seasons and respond to longer climatic shifts and often to the actions of people. In turn, people and their societies are shaped by the rhythm of rivers. This relationship where both nature and people’s social habits are synchronized with the rise and fall of river water over time is referred to as river rhythmicity, in a new paper that describes the important implications of this idea for river conservation and water management.

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16 November 2021

Award winning students planning to succeed 

Griffith students dominated the2021Minister’s Planning Awards, winningtwo offourcategories, includingmost prominent Female Student in Planning.

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22 March 2021
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30 October 2020
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