Griffith University students dominated the2021Minister’s Planning Awards, winningtwo offourstudent categories, includingmost prominent Female Student in Planning.

In her final year of aBachelor of urbanand environmental planning,RubyStockhamsaidshewouldmake the most of the opportunities provided by the award, which includea one month paid internship at thedepartment ofState Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.

Ruby’shonours thesis will focus onhowlocal governmentscanadopt adaptation policiesand pathways to address climate change at more of a local level.

“Everything makes a difference, especially at a local level,” she said.

“Everything makes a difference, especially at a local level”

Of her award, which was announced at the Planning Institute of Australia’s Queensland Awards for Planning Excellence on November 15, she admits while she is one of a growing number of young women studying planning, what she saw of the global climate summit recently was not representative of her generation.

“Idefinitelythink there should bemore females involved in the process,” she said.

Image courtesy of Planning Australia

Griffith’s other student award winner, Aidan Johnston

“This is our futureandIfeel like wewerereally underrepresented withinCOP26.”

The annual awardsgive emerging planners an opportunity to address real planning challenges.

FellowGriffithplanningstudent Aidan Johnstonwontheaward forbest set topic on ‘Advancing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge, culture and tradition’.

His winning essaywas about theQuandamooka People and the modern significance of Minjerribah in the Queensland Planning Framework.

Aidanwill also complete agovernmentinternship like Ruby and hopes it will lead toan excitingfuture in the industry.

“I hope to have numerous opportunities to deliverliveableand sustainable communities in Queensland and around Australia, whether that be in the private or public sectors or through academia.”

Griffith alumni alsoenjoyed success at thePlanning Institute of Australia (PIA) Queensland 2021 Awards for Excellence.

Founder of the CityGreen Lab Dr Chris Boulton received a commendation in the Planning Research category.

Alumnus and Planning Industry Reference Group Member Madison Ruygrok received a commendation in the Young Planner of the Year category.

Civity consultancy, co-founded by alumnus Liam Morris was part of a team which received the Wendy Chadwick Encouragement Award for their project ENVI Micro Urban Village.

Image courtesy of Planning Australia

Two current Griffith students and three alumni were recognised at the Planning Institute of Australia’s QueenslandAwardsfor Planning Excellence. L-R Aidan Johnston, Ruby Stockham, Chris Boulton, Madison Ruygrok and Liam Morris.

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