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22 April 2015
Ventoura co-founders Jamin Wood (left) and Raymond Siems (right) with Callum Macbeth (centre), who is now part of the Ventoura team, at their graduation dinner from Griffith.

Graduates set to make millions from travel app

A group of Griffith graduates dropped everything to move to Finland to pursue their dream of launching a travel app. It has more than paid off with their app ‘Ventoura’ worth $2 million just two weeks after it launched.

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10 July 2024

Travel pass trial will keep Brisbane Open House 2024 moving all weekend 

Griffith research trial offers $15 transport passes to Brisbane Open House explorers for unlimited access to public transport over the weekend.

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20 July 2021

Philosopher takes the road less travelled

From construction worker and kitchenhand to pinball machine repairman and theatre director, Dr Hugh Breakey hasn’t followed a typical route to academia.

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26 March 2020
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9 January 2019

From country life to world travel for law student

As a young girl growingupin Western Queensland,Cassie Heaslip dreamt of life beyond her small country town. “I was alwaysdreaming of...

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29 June 2018

Australian law set to tackle orphanage trafficking in travel company supply chains

Orphanage volunteering is seen as a positive for developing nations. However, child protection advocates have long reported the harm it causes children and the industry that profits from it.

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12 April 2018

What happens to your body when running a marathon

The Marathon is one of the most anticipated events at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018). Sixty-five finely-tuned and focussed athletes poised as they wait for the gun to signal the start.

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8 March 2018
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19 October 2017

New app connects music lovers to artists and venues

There's a certain thrill that comes from discovering an incredible local band, away from the mainstream media and Top 40 countdowns.

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31 August 2017

Research shows best strategies for active school travel

Walk This Way: children aged 5-12 need 60 minutes of physical activity every day and statistics show Queensland children are not reaching recommended levels.

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