From country life to world travel for law student

As a young girl growing up in Western Queensland, Cassie Heaslip dreamt of life beyond her small country town.   

“I was always dreaming of bigger things,’’ the Griffith University student says. 

 With science as her first love, Cassie enrolled in a Bachelor of Science at Griffith.  

“I never even considered studying law but on the first day of university was introduced to the subject Environmental Sustainability and it changed my life.   

“I was chatting with a student adviser who suggested I study law if I wanted to help change the world.” 

 So, after completing a year of science, Cassie added law as a double degree. 

Now in her fourth year, she will combine her twin passions of environmental sustainability and law when she heads to Bangkok this month for a six-week internship with EnerGaia, a company specialising in producing fresh and sustainable spirulina.  

“EnerGaia also has sites in Singapore and Bangladesh and is setting up in the Solomon Islands as well as negotiating with the US, Australia and France,’’ she says. 

“My role will involve negotiating international contracts, trademark applications, patenting and governance.” 

An added bonus, she says, will be the inevitable product sampling. “I love spirulina and have been taking it for years.” 

Cassie won’t have much time to rest when returns from Bangkok before embarking on her next adventure.  

This time traveling on a cargo ship from Fremantle to Singapore then flying to Austria for an international litigation, arbitration and mediation course with the Australian Institute of Management for three weeks. 

“I discovered a passion for maritime law this year and have just completed an intensive course. I want to immerse myself in the industry and thought maybe I can travel to Singapore on a cargo boat and turns out I can!

“The experience of being on the cargo ship will give me an insight into maritime law in practice. I will probably bug the crew a lot and ask them many questions! The course in Austria will be another great experience and opportunity for me to do some more travelling. 

Science was my first passion but now I love law. It governs the world, if you understand how laws are made, you can understand how the world works.”  

Cassie said one of the highlights of studying at Griffith was the industry engagement, community internships and mentoring programs. 

“Griffith is a really welcoming environment. I never felt like there were any limitations on what I can do. Overall, the Griffith experience has been incredible.”