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18 May 2022

Party policies indicate stark choice on sustainable future

New research into Australia’s political party policies during the 2022 election indicates the increasing difference between the major political parties based on their alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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14 April 2022

Reply paid: political parties and postal vote applications

Is the confidence Australians have in the impartiality of their electoral system being undermined by legislative changes which allow political parties to interpose themselves into the voting process?

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18 January 2022
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18 October 2018

Researchers champion better behaviours at Change 2018

The two-day conference will highlight a range of research aimed at engaging people and organisations to deliver change for the better.

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27 June 2018

PhD candidate insights into balancing research and motherhood

By Katie Woolaston PhD candidate, lecturer Griffith University I am an awarded and published PhD candidate, researching the interaction between...

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22 November 2017

Griffith research to help cut road toll

While Australia’s road toll has reduced considerably in a generation, Griffith University’s Dr Lyndel Bates will spend the next few...

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1 January 2017
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20 October 2015
More than 200 participants raised over $28,000 for cancer research at Griffith's Relay for Life event.

Griffith raises over $28,000 for cancer research

For business student Silvana Boulas Griffith University’s Relay for Life event was about more than raising money and awareness of...

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2 September 2013
Zim Nwokora, seated, makes a point with right arm gesticulation

Party politics leads campaign down US trail

With Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott taking centre stage, the Federal Election campaign has a US flavour, writes Dr Zim Nwokora.

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15 October 2012

New links to world-class research

A new five-way agreement links Griffith with some of the best technology researchers and laboratories in the world.

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