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1 February 2022

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

The world is becoming increasingly urbanised, and the population is constantly growing. Today, more than half of us live in cities, placing them at the forefront of some of our biggest challenges — from public health to climate change.  

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13 July 2021

Crisis society and sustainable business

Eighteen months into the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are contending with a range of emergent challenges—chief among them their fight for survival.

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8 June 2021
Wet Market

Why banning wet markets won’t prevent another pandemic

Wet markets are an important source of fresh food and livelihood for millions of people in East Asia, West Africa and globally. They connect low income farmers directly with consumers, and are often considered a safer and more reliable source of food than larger supermarkets in countries with weak regulations.

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30 September 2019

Leaders not laggards: Australians need to minimise climate risks.

By Professor Poh-Ling Tan Griffith Law School Friday 20 September’s rallies across the world call for climate action, but some...

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25 October 2018

‘Principles and Purpose — Stepping up to Refugee Protection in this Era of Displacement’ – The Michael Whincop Memorial Lecture 2018

Guy S. Goodwin-Gill Professor, University of New South Wales & Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, Sydney 23 October 2018...

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22 October 2015

Better care and communication can cut stillbirth rates and avoid unnecessary trauma

An unusually high number of stillbirths and infant deaths at a Victorian regional hospital has stirred up a grim topic often hidden from public view.

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20 February 2015
Top 27 tips for managing social media risk in your business

Top 27 tips for managing social media risk in your business

Using social media to promote your business can reap big rewards, but also carries big risk, so you need to...

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9 February 2015

New course helps manage social media risk

Managing your social media risk is the aim of a new course offered by Griffith's School of Humanities.

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18 January 2022
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12 September 2021

Lights, Camera, Activism with Rachel Griffiths AM

In this conversation Kerry O'Brien speaks to one of Australia's most prolific arts professionals Rachel Griffiths AM about her celebrated career.

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