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3 November 2021
Dark Web

The case of child sexual abuse material online and crime script analysis

Child Sexual Abuse Material traditionally child pornography, is an old problem that has been amplified to an alarming extent via new technologies. Its scale and impact makes it difficult to address, but crime script analysis, is emerging as a pragmatic tool to help investigators understand perpetrators and to prevent crimes from happening in the first place.

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19 April 2021
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14 June 2016

Coalition retains edge in marginal Qld seats — new analysis reveals

Bill Shorten appears unlikely to get the swing Labor needs to oust Malcolm Turnbull in the Federal Election on on July 2, a new federal election analysis shows.

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15 April 2016
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22 September 2015

Public Lecture: The road to refugee rights

Leading international refugee law expert Professor James Hathaway will present a public lecture on Wednesday, September 23.

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7 October 2014

Featured Publication – Australia-China Relations post 1949: Sixty Years of Trade and Politics

Building on the success of his earlier work ‘Australia-China Relations post 1949: Sixty Years of Trade and Politics’ (published by...

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8 April 2014
Professor Gary Sturgess AM

Protecting craft of public servant is crucial

New Professor of Public Service Innovation at Griffith University’s School of Government and International Relations, Gary Sturgess AM, has voiced his concerns for the craft of public service.

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17 June 2024
Music Cover

How music in youth detention can create new futures

Many young people in contact with the justice system come from backgrounds of extreme poverty, parental abuse or neglect, parental...

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14 June 2024

Low-sodium alternatives can lead to major health gains in Indonesia

Excess sodium intake and a lack of potassium are major contributing factors towards high blood pressure in Indonesia, prompting calls for low-sodium potassium-rich salt substitutes (LSSS) to be readily available to improve health and curb health costs.

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29 May 2024
intergenerational issues

Australia’s unfair generational inheritance

The 2024-2025 Australian federal budget addressed current cost-of-living issues but lacked any real clarity around future planning. It has raised concerns about the long-term impacts of budget measures on future generations.

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