Building on the success of his earlier work ‘Australia-China Relations post 1949: Sixty Years of Trade and Politics’ (published by Ashgate, 2012), Dr Yi Wang (Member of the Griffith Asia Institute) has been collaborating with a group of researchers led by Associate Professor Changsen Yu of Sun Yat-sen University to produce a Chinese book of the same title, which has recently been published in China.

This book is the only Chinese-language account of Australia’s policy towards the People’s Republic of China, covering more than six decades of interactions between the two countries, dating from the founding of contemporary China in 1949 to the year of publication in 2014.

Published by Social Sciences Academic Press, China’s leading publisher of social science titles, the book has been hailed as “a tour de force featuring comprehensive coverage and thorough analysis…containing a large amount of firsthand interview material hard to find in ordinary academic writings” (see Translator’s Afterword in the book known in Chinese as ‘1949 Nian Yilai de Ao Zhong Guanxi: 60 Nian Maoyi yu Zhengzhi’, Social Sciences Academic Press, Beijing, China, 2014).