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24 May 2018

Susan Harris-Rimmer in world’s top 100 Most Influential People in Gender Policy

Associate Professor Susan Harris-Rimmer has been named as one of the world's 100 Most Influential People in Gender Policy.

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3 July 2015
A colourful photo of underwater reef.

Tourism best placed to monitor Reef’s future

The role of tourism and tourism research in maintaining the status of the Great Barrier Reef has been stressed by...

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15 November 2016

Art turns the spotlight on hidden histories

Art can shine a light on hidden, shameful events in history, according to a new book by Queensland College of Art Professor Sue Best. Professor Best will launch Reparative Aesthetics: Witnessing in Contemporary Art Photography at the Institute of Modern Art on November 19.

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5 October 2023
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6 December 2022
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15 November 2022

Don’t mention the war

It was meant to be Southeast Asia’s time in the sun this summit season but events have transpired to rain on the parade of this fast-rising region.

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29 May 2022
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9 June 2021
Warrumbungle Ranges, Coonabarabran

Leaving Coonabarabran

Susan Harris Rimmer on her home town Coonabarabran, she asks "will we look back on those families who gave up on Coona as part of the first waves of forced relocation that will happen due to climate change in Australia? Do people realise climate mobility issues are already happening?

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8 March 2021
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23 September 2020
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