Aviation Reimagined to take decarbonisation discussion to new heights

For the month of October, Griffith University will host a virtual meeting of the minds each Thursday to discuss the progression and barriers towards transitioning to a climate ready future for the aviation sector. 

Aviation Reimagined, led by Griffith’s Climate Ready Initiative and Climate Action Beacon, is an annual webinar series featuring industry leaders, policymakers and researchers who share their insights into a transition towards a low-carbon and climate ready future for aviation.  

The webinar series has run for four years consecutively, with new speakers and contributors delivering innovative insights from around the world. 

“The Aviation Reimagined webinar series facilitates an open discussion on the challenges and opportunities to reduce aviation emissions, with a broad range of experts from across the globe,” Climate Ready Initiative Executive Director Dr Emma Whittlesea said.

“We explore some of the latest advancements and thinking on a range of topics, delving into science, transformative policy, technological innovations, and industry practice and perspectives.

“The intention is to engage and inform leaders and policymakers and help the aviation sector take appropriate climate action.”

Sessions will be held every Thursday in October from 3-4:30 pm AEST. During each session, you’ll hear from multiple subject matter experts, as well as a 20-minute question and answer session for the panel.  

The first webinar will establish a solid base for some of the key issues that aviation is facing in relation to decarbonisation and action necessary to adapt to climate risks.  

It will tackle some of the big areas of controversy and bring scientific evidence to the debate around topics such as contrails, carbon offsets and biofuels, and climate risks for aviation. 

“There are critical environmental challenges facing the aviation industry which need to be address sooner rather than later,” Professor Tim Ryley from Griffith Aviation said.

“Aviation Reimagined is a valuable series whereby world-leading speakers can present leading-edge research and best practice policy.

“The webinars include technology innovation and advancement – a key part of decarbonising the aviation sector and increasing resilience.

“We will examine new aircraft and powertrain designs, renewable energy and fuels, air traffic management innovations, rethinking airport infrastructure and ground support efficiencies, and the emerging role of AI.”

Topics the panellists will cover include: 

  • Session 1: Science matters – debunking some myths – Thursday 5 October, 3-4:30 pm AEST 
  • Session 2: Transformative policy – raising the bar for aviation decarbonisation – Thursday 12 October, 3-4:30 pm AEST 
  • Session 3: Climate-ready aviation – industry perspectives and practice – Thursday 19 October, 3-4:30 pm AEST 
  • Session 4: Technological innovation and advancementsThursday 26 October, 3–4:30 pm AEST 

Reimagining Aviation is facilitated by Dr Emma Whittlesea from Griffith’s Climate Ready Initiative, Professor Tim Ryley from Griffith Aviation and Professor Susanne Becken and Dr Bojana Spasojevic from Griffith Institute for Tourism. 

Aviation Reimagined is free, register here.