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27 June 2023
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10 March 2021
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10 February 2020

Transgender neuroscientist Alison Wright looks to the stars

PhD graduate Dr Alison Wright is taking her first steps into a postdoctoral adventure that she hopes will one day put her at the forefront of space research

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16 February 2015
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24 January 2014
Tim Gibson, Griffith business graduate, in astronaut suit with helmet under his arm.

Love will get you there – An astronaut’s story

Business graduate turned astronaut, Tim Gibson, tells the greatest story of them all - the one where dreams do come true.

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14 January 2014
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22 June 2017

Hacking through the problems of the city

When the international hacker community Angelhack decided to launch in Australia, they also decided to ramp up the expectations by...

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2 June 2016

Cities Research Centre to tackle urban growth challenges

More intelligent infrastructure, creating better places for people to live and managing growth and diversity in communities are the big...

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