Griffith University has announced the winners from its four academic groups in the 2023 Outstanding Alumni Awards, with a talented group of recipients from across the world — and outer space.

Sixteen high-achieving alumni have earned top spots in the University’s 2023 Outstanding Alumni Awards in the academic groups of Arts, Education and Law (AEL); Griffith Business School (GBS), Griffith Health and Griffith Sciences.

The 2023 award winners include celebrated film, theatre and music makers; educators and entrepreneurs, psychologists, conservationists, health heroes, business and policy professionals, whose significant contribution to society reflects Griffith’s core values of excellence, ethics and engagement. One recipient is even out-of-this-world literally as a current crew member of the International Space Station.

Each academic group has awards in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Alumnus
  • Outstanding First Peoples Alumnus
  • Outstanding International Alumnus
  • Outstanding Young Alumnus

The alumni group winners will progress as finalists for the overall Griffith University Outstanding Alumni Awards which will be held in September.

Griffith University congratulates all academic group winners:

Arts, Education and Lawwinners:

  • Lachlan Pendragon (Outstanding Alumnus)
  • Dean Gibson(Outstanding First Peoples Alumnus)
  • Dr Chan Yuk-Lan Phoebe (Outstanding International Alumnus)
  • Emma Dean (Outstanding Young Alumnus)

Griffith Business School winners:

  • Jasmina Joldić PSM (Outstanding Alumnus)
  • Brett Leavy (Outstanding First Peoples Alumnus)
  • Vū Lê Tùng Giang (Outstanding International Alumnus)
  • Josh Murchie (Outstanding Young Alumnus)

Griffith Health winners:

  • Colleen Jen (Outstanding Alumnus)
  • Lesley Richardson (Outstanding First Peoples Alumnus)
  • Professor Dian Sawitri (Outstanding International Alumnus)
  • Dr Dan Wilson (Outstanding Young Alumnus)

Griffith Sciences winners:

  • Professor Bronwyn Harch (Outstanding Alumnus)
  • David Nalder(Outstanding First Peoples Alumnus)
  • Dr Sultan AlNeyadi(Outstanding International Alumnus)
  • Raymond Siems(Outstanding Young Alumnus)

Deputy Director Advancement and Director Alumni Engagement, Joanne Nyland, said the University is incredibly proud of the Griffith alumni community and the far-reaching impact and influence of their tireless work.

“Those who have to select the winners have a very challenging task as there are so many worthy recipients,” she said.

“We are privileged to be able to recognise alumni in this way as they go about making it matter for themselves and others in the world where they demonstrate the values of Griffith University daily.

“Nominees were assessed on their alignment with the broad selection criteria including their success in and contribution to their chosen industry/profession, and their contribution to the community at local, state, national or international levels.

“Also assessed was their demonstration of attributes in alignment with the values of Griffith University.”

Learn more about the 2023 Outstanding Alumni Awards academic group winners.

10: Reduced Inequalities
UN Sustainable Development Goals 10: Reduced Inequalities

11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
UN Sustainable Development Goals 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

12: Responsible Consumption and Production
UN Sustainable Development Goals 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

13: Climate Action
UN Sustainable Development Goals 13: Climate Action

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UN Sustainable Development Goals 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

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