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19 March 2024
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23 March 2021

A response and set of alternative proposals to land use in the EU

This post is a copy of a response by Dr Tim Cadman, Research Fellow of the Law Futures Centre, to the European Union’s land use, land use change and forestry review of rules.

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10 February 2020
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23 January 2020

What to feed injured native wildlife, in the wake of natural disasters

As the country continues to endure natural disasters, Griffith expert reminds us how best to care for some of our injured wildlife.

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6 December 2018

Alternative Investments Conference explores the finer points of a cash-free future

The day-long event drew on attendees’ broad expertise to discuss what is becoming an increasingly important part of investors’ portfolios.

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22 May 2018

An alternative-entry admission pathway for Dominic Castillo

Bachelor of Health Science student Dominic Castillo is already well into his first trimester of study at Griffith and says he cannot believe how easy the admission process was.

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13 April 2017
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20 December 2016
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29 September 2016

Low returns prompt alternative investment plan

The low global interest rate environment has elevated alternative investments as a potentially attractive asset class for fund managers seeking higher returns. Practitioners, academics, professionals and regulatory agencies involved in the finance industry will attend a two-day international conference on the Gold Coast to share ideas on the growing trend.

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30 June 2016

‘Go native to fight climate change’

Gold Coast residents can tackle climate change head-on by by growing more local plants in their backyard to help mitigate its impact, says Griffith University Professor Catherine Pickering.

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