Griffith Business School has established an academic partnership with the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association, creating new opportunities for students and researchers in the field of alternative investments.

Griffith is the first university in Queensland to set up a formal relationship with CAIA and is one of only three universities in Australia.

“This will be a valuable resource for finance students and researchers looking to specialise outside the traditional areas of equity and bonds,” Dr Alexandr Akimov, a senior lecturer in banking and finance, said.

“Academics who want to advance their expertise in alternative investments will have unprecedented access to data based on hedge funds, along with the opportunity to develop rewarding relationships with a range of industry professionals.

“Commerce students will also benefit from this access, along with the scholarships to be generated as a result of the partnership.”

Global authority inthis field

The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association is the global authority in alternative investment education and the recognised credential for professionals managing, analysing, distributing, or regulating alternative investments.

“It’s an industry connection that makes sense on both professional and educational fronts,” Dr Akimov said. “It is an effective demonstration of how we keep the curriculum up-to-date and industry-relevant.”

Students will also have the added assurance that studying a Master of Finance at Griffith contributes to preparationfor the CAIA exams.

The partnership will give CAIA a platform in the education sector to promote alternative investments and develop discussion and research around the roles of hedge funds, infrastructure, commodities, real estate and energy in this specific financial domain.

Hossein Kazemi, CAIA Program Director, said the relationship represented “a major step in our efforts to contribute to the education of investment professionals in the area of alternative investments”.

Focus on responsible leadership

The partnership was formally announced at the annual Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association awards ceremony in Sydney, where Dr Graham Bornholt represented Griffith Business School.

“Both CAIA and Griffith Business School have a strong focus on responsible leadership and ethics in investments,” Dr Akimov said.

“This connection will only enhance the reputation and ranking of Griffith Business School, and confirms the high quality of our Master of Finance program.”

The CAIA Association is best known for the CAIA Charter®, an internationally recognised alternative investment credential and the gateway to a network of more than8,400 alternative investment leaders in almost 90 countries.