Bachelor of Health Science student Dominic Castillo is already well into his first trimester of study at Griffith and says he cannot believe how easy the admission process was.

Dominic, 24 and from the Gold Coast, was the first successful applicant through Griffith’s new alternative admission pathway: the Griffith Personal Statement.

If students do not satisfy the minimum Selection Rank, or do not have the subject pre-requisites for entry, the Griffith Personal Statement may offer an alternative admission pathway into a number of undergraduate degrees.

The GPS is an invitation-only admission pathway whereby students that don’t meet academic entry requirements may be admitted to selected Griffith degrees on the basis of the personal and professional experience. It’s about looking at the applicant holistically and their life experiences. The actual application is a series of questions that determine their ability to succeed in tertiary study.

A complete change

Following the end of a four year contract working as a soldier in the Australian Defence Force, Dominic had had some limited medical experience in first aid, but was really looking for a complete change into a medical career.

“Someone sent me a link about the Griffith Personal Statement and it seemed like an easy process so I went with that choice of application,” says Dominic.

“It turned out to be a very smooth process and gave me a chance to really explain how my work with the ADF provides me with many of the skills and competencies for success in higher education.

“My plan now is to apply for a Bachelor of Nursing at Griffith very soon; I just have to pass my classes and obtain an internal transfer but am pretty optimistic and really enjoy the anatomy and biology aspects of my study.”

“We are not looking at academic achievement with the Griffith Personal Statement, but rather at the future potential of the student to succeed,” says Griffith University Academic Registrar Kathy Grgic. “This pathway relies on a person’s ability to reflect on their past experience in life and/or the workplace–two aspects which we know can be good predictors of success at university.”

Apply now to start in Trimester 2

We understand success at university is about much more than completing a qualification. It’s about enabling you to bring the power of all your personal, work and life skills to your studies. We want to work with you to bring out the very best of you through your unique program of study experience at Griffith.

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