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4 April 2017
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31 March 2016
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4 August 2015

Language learning opens up the world

Learning another language has multiple benefits and can also increase career outcomes.

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17 December 2008

$2.3M alliance to expand language learning

An Australian-first alliance between Queensland’s three largest universities will expand higher learning in a range of Asian and European languages....

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8 November 2016

Indonesia’s cultural heart has Ashleigh hooked

Griffith University business student Ashleigh McFarland always had a long-held ambition to work overseas, although her reasons for doing so are more textured than a desire to simply bolster her resume.

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30 November 2012

Time to get to know our neighbours for real

Speaking the language of the region is vital to Australia's engagement with the Asian Century, writes Professor Colin Brown

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5 April 2024

What I learned from Taring Padi

Taring Padi is an artistic collective based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The group is prominent for their portrayal of the people’s...

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8 September 2022
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26 June 2022

Australia’s role in a world on edge with Dr Michael Fullilove AM

The July instalment of A Better Future for All turned its attention to global affairs with this In Conversation with Dr Michael Fullilove AM.

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26 November 2021
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