Language learning opens up the world

Two thirds of the world’s population is bilingual (if not trilingual), so why not join them?

Learning another language can also increase career prospects, so studying a language at university makes perfect sense.

At Griffith University, students can study a wide range of languages including Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Indonesian and international English.

“Research shows that language learning can increase cognitive skills and performance in other areas,’’ says Dr Susana Eisenchlas, Senior Lecturer in Linguistics.

“This is because new neural pathways are created in people learning another language.

“Everyone can learn a language and even if you didn’t have a good experience at school, at Griffith we can show you how much fun language learning can be.

“Learning also gives us direct access to other cultures and the ability to know more about the world.”

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Learning a language can also increase your income. According to a University of Guelph study, bilingual men earn 3.6% more and bilingual women earn 6.6% more than their monolingual counterparts.

Careers in languages include: translating and interpreting, publishing, healthcare, financial services, sales and marketing, tourism and hospitality, education, social services and public services.

To find out more about Griffith languagescome along to one of the Open Day sessions on August 9 at Nathan campus from 9.30pm-2pm.