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20 March 2023
Four-day work week

Assessing the 4-day work week

A recent UK trial of a four-day work week produced largely positive results, with over 90% of the organisations involved planning to continue the experiment. Some organisations found the experiment difficult to achieve with staff shortages already intensifying workloads for many employees, making it difficult for to increase work intensification even further. Decent, respectable work should focus on work-life balance, reducing workloads, and providing sufficient resources while engaging workers in direct discussions about their working preferences says Professor Paula Brough.

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24 August 2021

Stressed teens benefit from coping online when less is more

Teenagers who spend a few hours online after a stressful experience fare better than those who spend too much time or none at all.

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11 October 2019

Griffith’s rehabilitation and return to work initiatives recognised

Griffith’s Injury Management Team has won the Best Rehabilitation and Return to work Management System award at the 2019 Queensland Government's Safe Work and Return to Work Awards.

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29 November 2017

A range of coping strategies needed for Emergency Department staff

Workplace stress amongst hospital emergency department staff is prevalent despite the working environment being generally perceived positively amongst nursing and medical staff who use a range of coping strategies.

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18 August 2017

Good nursing managers help nurses to cope with the challenges of shiftwork

An investigation into the experiences of nurses exposed to shift work is shining new light on coping strategies health care...

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16 December 2015
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29 April 2013
Professor Torben Pedersen

Coping with internationalisation: business group affiliation in India

Professor Torben Pedersenof the Copenhagen Business School addressed researchers on Tuesday (24 April) with findings from a co-authored paper on...

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12 November 2015

Five minutes with…Linda Trenberth

Professor Linda Trenberth is Griffith Business School’s Dean of the Academic portfolio. She also gets some research in from time...

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17 October 2023
Overworked Nurse

Combatting placement poverty

Many Australian students are struggling with the rising cost of living and are taking on additional paid work while studying. Some students, especially those in health-related fields like nursing and midwifery, are facing "placement poverty" due to extensive unpaid placement hours. Addressing placement poverty is crucial to ensure a strong and diverse healthcare workforce in the future.

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26 June 2023
AI artificial intelligence and digital mental health

The use of AI in digital mental health

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have the potential to enhance productivity and increase in annual GDP. However, the risks associated with AI also need to be studied. Digital mental health faces challenges in providing integrated and effective solutions, but early evidence suggests feasibility and effectiveness. Understanding the complex relationship between mental health and its factors is crucial for innovation in digital mental health and its potential interventions.

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