Griffith’s Injury Management Team has been recognised as a leader in staff support,winning the Best Rehabilitation and Return to work Management System award at the 2019 Queensland Government’s Safe Work and Return to Work Awards ceremony on Wednesday October 9.

“This is a wonderful achievement and great recognition for the work of the Injury Management Team in Health, Safety and Wellbeing,” said Team Leader Carlie Faint.

“Griffith University is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace and in the event of work-related injury or illness, we are committed to providing rehabilitation to support staff members’ early and safe return to work.

“The Injury Management Team has implemented several best practice initiatives over recent years, like the early intervention treatment program and greater support for staff members coping with personal health conditions, injury, illness, or disability.

“These initiatives have resulted in a raft of positive changes at Griffith, both for staff and the organisation.

“Strategic management of rehabilitation and stay at/return to work opportunities has contributed to fewer compensation claims, a drop in the cost of claims and a reduction in the workers’ compensation premium of almost 40 per cent this year.

“Feedback from staff around our early intervention program, for instance, has been overwhelmingly positive, with a high uptake of the program by employees identified at risk.”

The early intervention program involves strong partnerships with Griffith Health Clinics on the Gold Coast campus and Allsports Physiotherapy at other campuses and provides employees with access to short term physiotherapy or exercise physiology for physical complaints, pain and medical concerns with no out-of-pocket expenses.

Deb Elms, Carlie Faint, Janelle Crane from the Injury Management team

“Staff who accessed the service said it helped them overcome their injury quickly and that they appreciated the flexibility of work arrangements thanks to the involvement of the injury management team,” said Ms Faint.

“They also praised the support from Griffith and Allsports and said the intervention stopped things becoming worse by giving them to chance to recover and repair the injury.”

The Safe Work and Return to Work Awards recognise organisations making significant contributions to improving work health and safety or return to work opportunities.

Griffith’s Injury Management Team was also a finalist in the Best Demonstrated Leadership in Return to work award.