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11 December 2023
Travelers with luggage using smart phones while waiting in line for boarding at airport. Focus on wheeled luggage.

World tourism receives first climate change stocktake

The Tourism and Climate Change Stocktake 2023 is the first report of its kind to assess the state of tourism worldwide.

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8 November 2023

Climate-induced loss is impeding human rights in the Pacific

Climate change is impeding the human rights of a large group of people living in the Pacific, a recent report in Nature reveals.

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16 May 2023

Digital Technologies for a Climate Resilient Water Sector

The International WaterCentre is helping the water sector understand the digital technologies needed to build a climate resilient future

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14 March 2023

New partner strengthens climate action Alliance

10th high-profile partner joins goal to create a climate ready Australia.

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23 August 2022
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9 May 2022
Climate and the election

Australians intend to vote on climate action at election

Griffith University’s Climate Action Beacon conducted the first of five annual Climate Action Surveys in late 2021. These surveys discover Australians’ thoughts and feelings about climate change and related environmental and climatic events, conditions, and issues.

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3 May 2022
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1 March 2022
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16 November 2021

Award winning students planning to succeed 

Griffith students dominated the2021Minister’s Planning Awards, winningtwo offourcategories, includingmost prominent Female Student in Planning.

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1 November 2021
Climate Adaptation Response

What’s missing from COP 26 climate negotiations? Adaptation

While COP26 is focusing on emissions reduction, many countries are overlooking more immediate opportunities to respond to impacts already locked-in to the climate.system.

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