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6 March 2024
A young girl takes a photo with a smartphone of flowers in a garden bed

Transforming early learning through curiosity and interest

The key to boosting a child’s cognitive and emotional development lies in promoting an active interest in topics or activities, Griffith University researchers have found.

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11 September 2023
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12 September 2022
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3 November 2021
Community Radio

COVID, climate change and Australia’s community radio sector

Climate responses are often distant global discussions that don’t translate to the everyday lived experience of local communities. The embeddedness of community radio in the social and cultural lives of their communities is an untapped reservoir to communicate climate action and pursue climate justice. 

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19 October 2021

Researchers call for a unified approach to autism therapy and supports

Researchers call for a consistent set of guidelines to support clinicians and caregivers in providing therapy and supports for children on the autism spectrum.

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18 October 2021

Women in Finance and Economics Scholarships awarded

Financial planning students have been awarded $85,000 in tuition fee scholarships for women entering, re-entering and pursuing leadership roles across financial services.

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13 October 2021

Children from wealthy backgrounds at greater risk of tooth wear

Children who attend private schools or have a high family income are more susceptible to wearing down their teeth.

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7 October 2021
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20 April 2021

Demand for Kids Helpline rises during COVID-19 pandemic

The demand for Kids Helpline saw a significant increase in the volume of children and young people seeking help in...

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1 December 2020
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