Griffith University finance, financial planning and accounting students have been awarded $85,000 in tuition fee scholarships designed to encourage and assist women to enter, re-enter and achieve leadership roles across financial services.

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) Women in Finance and Economics Scholarships will help 27 Griffith students with tuition fee payments of up to $3400 each.

Nathan based Master of Finance student Dora Levantino switched tack to finance after completing a Bachelor of Science and working in hospitality rather than anything related to her previous studies.

Dora Levantino

“I have always liked numbers and I was also passionate about the everyday finance, trying to come up with a budget that could also help me save some money for the future,” she said.

“My main motivation is my family; I would love one day to make enough money, in order to afford an Australian visa for them.

“In terms of career goals, I’d like to be a Financial Investment Manager (and) this degree is giving me the tools to be job ready when I finish.

“This scholarship will enable me to work a bit less for few weeks and still be able to pay my bills, while also giving me more time to study.”

Kimberley Ginman is completing a Graduate Certificate of Professional Accounting part-time and online, while working full-time and caring for two children.

“I work in a predominately male management field with female team members, and I want to advance to a management level where I can promote my collaborative style of management, where everyone has a say and everyone feels heard and valued,” Kimberley explained.

“I try to instill this into my role now but am limited to what I can achieve, not holding a senior managerial role.

“I started out in the finance industry by accident having taken on the role of accounts in my job as a receptionist. I loved it so much that I decided I would start some formal education through TAFE.

“Both my husband and I decided it was time for me to focus on achieving my dream of being degree qualified. This scholarship will give us some financial breathing space to be able to focus on my study and not be worried about financials.”

Scholarship recipient and part-time Master of Financial Planning student Eunice Toriola had been working as a paediatric and adult kidney transplant nurse for the past 10 years but was always interested in finance, particularly personal finance and wealth creation.

“I became aware through discussion with friends and family that financial literacy among most is not common”

“I became aware through discussion with friends and family that financial literacy among most is not common,” she explained.

“I have endeavoured to continue learning and sharing my knowledge with others by directing them to do their own research and learning to become more financially literate.

“This ignited a personal goal to study financial planning and become accredited and licensed in the world of financially planning and advisory.”

Professor Mark Brimble

Professor Mark Brimble, Dean (Learning and Teaching) at Griffith Business School said the partnership with FPA was a fantastic opportunity for women to pursue their finance studies with fewer barriers.

“Griffith Business School and FPA believe in elevating what is a profession that transforms lives,” he said.

“We’re excited to help shape the next generation of talent in this important sector and grateful for FPA’s generosity in offering meaningful equity opportunities for our students in pursuing finance and economics education.

“This year, Griffith awarded the scholarships to a range of students across Accounting, Finance and Financial Planning, which was a different approach to other institutions, who focused purely on the financial planning discipline.

“Our students, many of whom are online in southern states currently experiencing COVID lockdowns, have been able to access the funds quickly, which we hope might also make a difference in coping with the various impacts of the pandemic.”

FPA is the primary membership organisation for financial planning practitioners who want to master the practice of financial planning and are committed to shaping the future of the profession.

These scholarships are provided with support from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women.

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