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3 August 2021
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4 September 2018

A new project shows combining childcare and aged care has social and economic benefits

What happens when you bring a group of older residents to mix with young children in childcare? Clapping hands and...

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23 May 2018

Hayfever patients can benefit from probiotics

New research from a pilot study at Griffith has shown that probiotics can improve the quality of life of hayfever...

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14 May 2018

Master of International Law provides commercial benefits for Austin

From hostage negotiation to international business, Master of International Law student Austin Whittaker is used to high pressure situations.

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3 August 2017

Animal robots can benefit dementia patients says Griffith study

Using animal robots in the care of people with dementia has a modest but significant benefit, a new Griffith University study has revealed.

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10 April 2014

War through the eyes of Ben Quilty

Ben Quilty: after Afghanistan — a series of powerful portraits depicting the realities of war - opens at the Griffith University Art Gallery at South Bank this weekend.

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13 March 2014

Ben Quilty: after Afghanistan

The raw emotional and psychological journey of military service will soon be revealed through the eyes of Archibald Prize-winner Ben Quilty at Griffith University Art Gallery

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9 May 2024
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17 October 2023
Overworked Nurse

Combatting placement poverty

Many Australian students are struggling with the rising cost of living and are taking on additional paid work while studying. Some students, especially those in health-related fields like nursing and midwifery, are facing "placement poverty" due to extensive unpaid placement hours. Addressing placement poverty is crucial to ensure a strong and diverse healthcare workforce in the future.

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9 October 2023
Oration 2

Brighter Future for All Oration: The Perfectibility of Opportunity

As a civic institution, Griffith University is committed to deep engagement with our local communities and unlocking knowledge and foresight from influential thinkers and leaders. On 4 October 2023, we proudly presented the inaugural Brighter Future for All Oration at Brisbane City Hall with The Honorable Dr Jim Chalmers MP, Treasurer of Australia and one of our most distinguished alumni.

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