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1 June 2015
Professor Michael Good

Researchers create new combination vaccine to fight Streptococcus A

Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics has developed a groundbreaking, combination vaccine that may finally beat Streptococcus A infections. Human trials are set to begin as early as next year.

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26 February 2013
Professor Michael Good

Human trials for Streptococcus A vaccine

Griffith launches human trials for a vaccine against Streptococcus A, the germ that causes rheumatic fever.

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16 August 2022

Bacteria use genetic switch to defend death by metals

Griffith University researchers have discovered a genetic switch in a common bacterium that helps defend itself against the human body’s...

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6 February 2012

PM Award grants research project new Asian impetus

It’s a little known bacterium with a global reach and its presence in the human system can go unnoticed for...

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11 June 2024

Griffith creating brighter futures by reaching $100 million fundraising target

Griffith University has reached the milestone achievement of raising $100 million of its $125 million target as part of The Campaign to Create a Brighter Future for All.

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24 October 2023
Blood collection tubes Group A Streptococcus(strep A)

What is Strep A, and why do we need a vaccine?

Strep A (Streptococcus pyogenes) is a major cause of infection-related deaths, leading to over 500,000 fatalities annually. Developing countries, Indigenous populations, and vulnerable groups face the greatest risks. A potential vaccine, developed by Professor Michael Good's team at Griffith University, is undergoing human trials and shows promise in fighting multiple Strep A strains.

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5 October 2023

Vaccine via the nasal passage could be the new line of defence against Strep A

As Streptococcus A cases continue to be prevalent in Queensland and internationally, a new nasal vaccine could provide long-term protection from the deadly bacteria.

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24 August 2023

Griffith on the cusp of a new vaccine modality breakthrough

Griffith University researchers are on the brink of a technological breakthrough in vaccine development with a possible new vaccine modality.

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9 February 2023

Griffith unlocking the secrets to Strep A virulence

Griffith University researchers have unlocked one of the secrets as to why some forms of Strep A are associated with severe invasive infection.

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10 November 2022

Researchers find Strep A’s Achilles heel with potential vaccine to prevent rheumatic heart disease

A team of international scientists from Griffith University and the University of Alberta are about to start human clinical trials for a Strep A vaccine they hope will induce long-lasting immunity against the deadly pathogen which kills more than 500,000 people each year.

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