Vice Chancellor and President Professor Carolyn Evans

Griffith University has reached the milestone achievement of raising $100 million of its $125 million target as part of The Campaign to Create a Brighter Future for All.

The Campaign aims to create lifechanging scholarships and transformative research to allow Griffith’s research, education, and engagement to have a greater impact.

Vice Chancellor and President, Professor Carolyn Evans, applauded the University for reaching the milestone achievement especially as the Campaign was only launched publicly in October 2023, having commenced the quiet phase of fundraising in 2019.

“Over the past five years, our philanthropic partners and donors have contributed to our Campaign, making a considerable difference in the lives of our students, researchers, and the wider community,” Professor Evans said.

“Even though Griffith was founded 50 years ago, the mandate we set ourselves remains true today, with the Brighter Futures Campaign exemplifying our commitment to do things differently, benefit the community, and seize opportunities.”

Vice President (Advancement) Marcus Ward said the University’s partnerships are forging a path that will have a meaningful impact on the pressing issues of our time across a range of fields.

Marcus Ward, Vice Chancellor (Advancement) at the launch of the Campaign to Create a Brighter Future for All
Marcus Ward, Vice President (Advancement) at the launch of the Campaign to Create a Brighter Future for All

“Through the Campaign, we’re working on leveling the playing field by providing scholarships to First Nations peoples, students with a disability, and students from a low socio-economic background including those who cannot access government support,” Mr Ward said.

“We are working on a range of projects including vaccines for malaria and Strep A, transforming the lives of mothers in custody and their children, tracking humpback whales with less-invasive devices, and developing methods to accurately measure and analyse wetland health.

“Together, we are providing life-changing scholarships, supporting transformative research and are ensuring Griffith continues to go from strength to strength over the coming decades so we can continue to create a brighter future for all.”

Griffith University proudly recognises and acknowledges our donors who have provided more than $1 million in transformational philanthropic support for each of the following projects:

  • The Primary Forests and Climate program which aims to reshape the perception and conservation of primary forests with global research
  • The Chronic Fatigue/Long COVID Research project which looks at the remarkably similar symptoms experienced by patients, with the team pioneering a specialised technique in immune cells
  • The Transforming Corrections to Transform Lives project which works to transform the lives of mothers in custody and their children
  • The Blackmore Chair in Leadership and the Blackmore Leadership Summit which aims to harness new knowledge and thinking about innovative business leadership in Australia and the Asia-Pacific
  • The Spinal Injury Project which is on the cusp of a world-first human clinical trial of a treatment for spinal cord injury, transplanting cells from the nose into injured spinal cords to form a cellular bridge, enabling the regeneration of nerve cells to make functional motor and sensory connections
  • The Humpback Whales in a Changing Climate project which aims to track humpbacks with less invasive devices, helping to create the largest whale sighting database to support conservation policies
  • Development of a Streptococcus A (Strep A) vaccine to eradicate Strep A infections and the life-threatening diseases they can cause
  • Endowed scholarships for Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University piano, opera and classical voice students
  • Brighter Future Scholarships to support students impacted by various types of educational disadvantage that has impacted their ability to achieve their full potential
  • The Global Wetlands project which looks at developing methods to accurately measure and analyse wetland health, and map current conservation action to support future conservation
  • The Institute for Glycomics Malaria Vaccine project which aims to develop a world-first ‘whole parasite’ blood-stage malaria vaccine and is currently in human clinical trials
  • The Autism Centre for Excellence which focuses on furthering research in adult autism and helping families, teachers and carers to better understand and support adults with autism

The Campaign also aims to engage 100,000 alumni with increased opportunities for volunteering, mentoring, and networking so everyone in the Griffith community has a chance to get involved, make a difference, and inspire future students.

If you are an individual or organisation looking to bring about positive and lasting change in the world with a charitable partner that guarantees 100 per cent of your gift will be used to make a difference to your cause, Griffith would be delighted to hear from you.

Donate or get in touch at The Campaign to Create a Brighter Future for All.

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