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25 July 2019

Free exercise trials address osteoporotic fractures in ageing population

Researchers offer free trials to help reduce burden of osteoporotic fractures in older women.

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24 September 2015

Managing New Zealand’s ageing workforce: lessons for Oz?

Mature age employees. Older workers. The ageing workforce. Research describes those in the labour market aged 50+ years in a...

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26 September 2014
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16 May 2013

Ageing Population Not a Worry: Academic

Prof Ross Guest speaks with Fiji Live about the demographic changes taking place in Fiji.   You can read the...

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19 September 2007

Popular music and ageing fans

How has popular music influenced the lifestyles of ageing fans? This question will be explored in a public lecture by...

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22 April 2024
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8 December 2023
Cruel Summer

A cruel summer

Summer 2023-24 is marked by a return to El Niño and has prompted concerns that rising temperatures, worsened by climate change, will threaten health, productivity, and safety. Griffith University’s Dr Aaron Bach suggests some strategies from workplace adjustments to home cooling tips aimed at beating the heat.

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30 October 2023
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31 January 2023
Dr Sultan Al Neyadi and crew in a Dragon capsule during a training session. Photo: NASA/SpaceX

The Sultan of Space

In a case of a childhood dream coming true, Griffith University alumnus Dr Sultan Al Neyadi is heading to the International Space Station.

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22 January 2023

How can students with ADHD be better supported at school?

For many students with ADHD, the classroom can be a highly demanding environment as difficulty managing unwanted behaviours can make schooling a challenging and negative experience. Dr Kathy Gibbs looks at how students can be better supported at school.

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