How has popular music influenced the lifestyles of ageing fans?

This question will be explored in a public lecture by Griffith University Cultural Sociology Professor Andy Bennett at the Ship Inn on Tuesday, September 25.

Professor Bennett will examine how a long-term love of a particular popular music style has shaped the lifestyles of fans.

“Almost every generation in the westernised world has grown up during a particular popular music ‘moment’ – be it rock’n’roll during the 1950s, psychedelic rock in the late 1960s, the punk backlash of the mid-1970s or the dance music explosion of the late 1980s,” he said.

“While the sounds, style and cultural impact of these pop eras have been well documented in books, magazines, films and television, far less well-known is the long-term effects on people who experienced these music styles.

“Over the years, music has become a significant steer for many individuals in their daily lives, informing a whole range of things from personal image and career choices to peer and sibling relationships and political orientation.”


WHAT: Free Public Lecture, Growing old disgracefully? Popular music and the ageing fan

WHEN: Tuesday, September 25, 5-6.30pm

WHERE: Ship Inn function room, Cnr Stanley and Sidon Streets, South Bank campus