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28 February 2007

Booming franchising sector still has room to grow

Australian franchise companies are expanding overseas before the domestic market has been saturated a new study has found. Conducted by...

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26 February 2007

Native Title Tribunal disadvantages Indigenous Australians

The National Native Title Tribunal is favouring mining companies and disadvantaging Indigenous people in negotiating mining agreements a new study...

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22 February 2007

IR competition creates awareness in schools

High school students across Queensland are increasing awareness of their rights as workers through a competition being run by the...

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21 February 2007

Conservatorium unplugs Aussie 70s rockers

The acclaimed musicians will give a new twist to some of their 70s hits when they perform with a 30-piece...

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15 February 2007

Green student goes global

A passion for the environment has led Griffith University Bachelor of Communications student Gordon Douglas onto an international path of...

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13 February 2007

Walt Disney animator leads Griffith Film School

A former Walt Disney animator has been appointed head of the Griffith Film School. Professor Craig Caldwell from the University...

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8 February 2007

Smell may outlast other senses

While eyesight and hearing deteriorate markedly during the normal aging process, new research suggests the sense of smell may actually...

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8 February 2007

New DVD gives students inside info on Prep

A new DVD is giving Griffith University teaching students a competitive edge with the introduction of Prep into Queensland schools...

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