Green student goes global

A passion for the environment has led Griffith University Bachelor of Communications student Gordon Douglas onto an international path of discovery.

He attended the Global Young Greens conference in Nairobi in January, where more than 200 young people from 20 countries gathered to discuss ways to network environmental issues globally.

“It was fantastic for me to see a group of young people who all had the same priorities and were passionately committed to the idea of this organisation on an international scale,” Gordon said.

“The aim of Global Young Greens is to draw together young green activists from around the world to a central point. It empowers young people to take charge and know that their contributions can make a difference.

“I was amazed to learn about how other countries perceive Australia. Many of the delegates wanted Australia to take the lead in terms of organisation and finance, so it was interesting to debate why, and what else was possible.”

Gordon, who’s majoring in politics and public relations, said attending the conference was the single most useful tool in helping him understand the enormity of commitment and passion young people had about environmental issues.

“The Global Young Greens envisage a world which is environmentally sustainable, with an absence of violence, and where young people can really be part of establishing new ideas and take an active part in their communities.”

“It’s so simple to make a difference: plant more trees, use less water and power, just being mindful of what you can live without, and always question what people are telling you,” he said.

Now working part-time for a market research company, Gordon hopes to work for a non-government organisation or a ‘green’ business when he graduates at the end of this year.

“I’d like to demonstrate that sustainable development is actually achievable and can be profitable.”

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