World-champion engages students in learning by skipping

Jake Eve shows his students how it's done.
Jake Eve shows his students how it's done.

Bardon State School Year three teacher and Jake Eve chose Griffith because of its strong reputation in education.

“I chose Griffith because I heard it was a great university for education degrees,’’ the world champion skipper says.

Jake, who won the 2018 World Skipping Championships in Shanghai, has been skipping competitively since he was nine-years-old. He has a unique way of engaging his students in learning by teaching them how to skip with a focus on goal-setting.

“The students love it and my class was super excited when I brought my medals in when I came home from China recently.”

Jake took a year off after year 12 because he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. In his gap year he was working closely with his skipping coach, also a primary school teacher. and helped her with some choreography for her class play and school musical.

“She said I was brilliant with kids and recommended I study primary education, so I applied to Griffith. The rest is history.”

Jake credits the Griffith Sports College with helping to balance his university and sporting commitments.

“The college was brilliant in helping me balance my University and sporting commitments,’’ he says.

“Having a great group of friends in classes and supportive tutors definitely helped my study and the range of practical placements across multiple year levels was also another great aspect of the degree.”