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29 April 2024

What’s the difference between ADD and ADHD?

ADHD, one of the most prevalent neurodevelopmental disorders, affecting 1 in 20 people. Originally termed ADD, it evolved into ADHD due to research and diagnostic controversies. The condition manifests in various subtypes, impacting individuals across age groups and genders says Dr Kathy Gibbs.

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6 March 2024
A young girl takes a photo with a smartphone of flowers in a garden bed

Transforming early learning through curiosity and interest

The key to boosting a child’s cognitive and emotional development lies in promoting an active interest in topics or activities, Griffith University researchers have found.

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27 February 2024
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15 February 2024
digital phonics

Sound strategies for reading

Australian Curriculum English mandates phonics teaching from a child’s foundation year. For best results, reading should entail phonics, comprehension, and critical reading skills which are all developed concurrently. Professor Beryl Exley recommends retaining this balanced approach that delivers positive reading outcomes.

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18 December 2023
A teacher assists a student

EPIC Strategy for Better Education

Student learning and wellbeing is maximised when parents and teachers work cohesively together, a landmark study has found. Griffith University...

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27 October 2023

Hats off to Griffith Education Alumni

When it comes to rewarding careers, there are few that can beat the challenges and accomplishments of being a teacher.

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26 October 2023
Who is going to answer my question?

Hats off to teachers

Australia marks World Teachers’ Day on October 27, emphasising gratitude for teachers' invaluable contributions. Despite media often portraying teaching negatively, educators play a vital role in shaping lives and society. Griffith University values inclusive education, preparing teachers to navigate evolving classrooms. Acknowledging and thanking teachers is crucial as they help students thrive in a complex, changing world.

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24 July 2023
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8 June 2023

TIDE Summit Transforming Indigenous Education in Practice

Griffith University’s School of Education and Professional Studies is proudly hosting the 8th annual Creating Futures Summit Series, inviting participants to have conversations that matter to teaching and teacher education.

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18 May 2023
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