Energy research the way of the future

Engineering, IT and aviation
Griffith University is taking on Tesla in developing powerful battery storage solutions that change the way we use energy. Researchers are developing low-cost and high performance energy storage systems that will allow people to sell power back to the grid when tariffs are the highest. Professor Eddie Zhang and Professor Jun Wei Lu have combined […]

Energy policy can’t be blacked out

Griffith Business School
The 2017 Federal Budget includes incentives for development of more gas supplies via pipeline construction. However, a focus on LNG exports only diverts the energy policy debate away from the transmission infrastructure crisis highlighted by the summer blackouts. By Dr Liam Wagner, Griffith Business School Overview Australia has a gas crisis like no other point […]

The wonder material stronger than Superman

Griffith Sciences
It’s a material so strong even the Man of Steel or a bullet would have trouble breaking through it — and its versatility and exciting potential are only now just being uncovered. Graphene, the technology of the future, will be showcased at a major international conference being hosted by Griffith University next week. The 5th […]

Securing Our Energy Future: China and Australia

Griffith Asia Institute
The fifth Australia-China Dialogue Second Track workshop was held on 4 July at Griffith University’s new Sir Samuel Griffith Building. This year’s theme was energy security futures, and the workshop focussed on the contemporary policy environment, Australia-China energy relations, and the outlook for energy security to 2035. A joint initiative of Griffith and Peking Universities, […]