Griffith Uni taps into big data

Engineering, IT and aviation
Imagine being able to track an emergency incident or monitor a natural disaster using people's tweets and Facebook statuses. Griffith University researchers are doing that in the Big Data and Smart Analytics lab, with students soon able to take a course in this emerging and powerful field.

GovHack calls on Griffith Entrepreneurs

Griffith Sciences
The Gold Coast’s reputation as a technological innovator is reinforced by Griffith University’s status as a five-year node member of the national GovHack initiative. This event seeks to optimise publicly accessible data to improve or facilitate a societal need or want, by calling on interested individuals from within a community to develop ways which showcase […]

Big Data and Griffith analyses improve passenger picture

Cities Research Institute
Over the last 40 years, global air travel has increased almost eight-fold and is set to rise further. This rapid growth is putting infrastructure strain on capital cities, but also putting pressure on airports to validate their future investment in terms of regional return on investment, not just increased capacity. Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) recently […]

See what’s possible at Open Day tech trail

Ever wanted to get down to Gangnam Style with a drone? See an intricate design come to life in the form of chocolate? Feel like you’re in Wall St in a world-class financial trading room? Griffith University’s Open Day will be buzzing with technology-themed activities across three campuses at the Gold Coast, Nathan (Brisbane) and […]

Real time data analysis revolutionising the tourism industry

Griffith Business School
A Griffith research project is changing the way the tourism industry delivers the visitor experience through real time social media data analysis. Associate Professor Bela Stantic, acting Head of the School of Information and Communication Technology and Director of the Big Data and Smart Analytics lab in Griffith’s Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems, is […]