A G20 education for high school students

Circle of flags of G20 nations with G20 printed in the middle of the circle
Department of Business Strategy and Innovation
High school students in Brisbane will join Griffith University students for a series of G20-related discussions and debates this year. The innovation is the brainchild of Dr Tapan Sarker at the Griffith Business School and feeds into the Y20 element of the G20 Leaders Summit which takes place in Brisbane in November. Australia will host […]

Chinese territorial disputes may escalate this year

Griffith Asia Institute
Territorial disputes between an increasingly assertive China and its regional neighbours Japan, South Korea, The Philippines and Vietnam dominated coverage of the region in 2013. Analysts are warning that any of these disputes could potentially escalate into armed conflict in 2014. Professor Andrew O’Neil comments on this issue in an interview with ABC Radio National […]