Expert panel to build on Bishop’s Japan move

Security relations between Australia and Japan will be explored by an expert panel in Brisbane.
Security relations between Australia and Japan will be explored by an expert panel in Brisbane.

On the back of a week when Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop stepped up moves for security ties between Australia and Japan, the Griffith Asia Institute in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan will host an interactive panel event on how these relations can be expanded.

Ambassador Toshiro Iijima, Policy Planning and International Security Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be part of an expert panel also including Mami Mizutori, Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures (UK); Murray McLean AOM, former Australian Ambassador to Japan; Professor Rikki Kersten, Murdoch University and Professor Andrew O’Neil (below), Head Griffith University’s School of Government and International Relations.AONsml

“A close security relationship between Australia and Japan can extend the bi-lateral relationship in important ways, and also contribute to stability and cooperation,” Associate Professor Michael Heazle, Griffith Asia Institute, said.

“Expanding Australia-Japan security relations is not without its challenges in the current regional environment, however, and it is important that the Australian public knows more about the full scope and nature of this relationship.”

The panellists will discuss how stronger security ties can be achieved while also maintaining an inclusive regional environment.

The different kinds of shared regional and bi-lateral interests that will both drive and benefit from closer security relations will also be examined, as will the potential challenges they may bring about.

Wednesday’s Q&A Panel Event takes place at the State Library of Queensland (Auditorium 1), from 6pm to 7.15pm.

To register and find out more, email [email protected]