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19 December 2019
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9 March 2022

Studies reveal new mechanisms of arthritis caused by mosquito-borne viruses 

Some successful rheumatoid arthritis therapies may help us better understand how to treat people with mosquito-borne viral diseases.

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10 December 2019

Study to develop drugs for chronic mosquito-borne viral diseases

A new Griffith University study aims to develop drugs to treat alphavirus infection such as Ross River, Chikungunya, O’nyong’nyong and...

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26 July 2011

Protein link to arthritis opens new chance of drug development

Groundbreaking research linking an immune protein to the debilitating condition of virus-induced arthritis and viral exacerbation of rheumatoid arthritis, is...

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17 October 2023

Lara Herrero receives a Prime Minister’s Prize for Science

Lara Herrero received the Prize for New Innovators in the 2023 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science at a ceremony in Canberra last night.

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14 June 2021

Mutations, variants and strains? A guide to COVID-19 terminology

Living through a global pandemic over the past year has seen all of us expanding our vocabularies. We now understand terms like PPE, social distancing and contact tracing. But just when perhaps we thought we had a handle on most of the terminology, we’re faced with another set of new words: mutation, variant and strain.

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27 November 2020

Virus researcher recognised at Gold Coast Women in Business Awards

Dr Lara Herrero, research leader at Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics, has been honoured with the Creating Change Award at...

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7 September 2016
Dr Lara Herrero

Ross River virus battle breakthrough

Research conducted by Griffith University and Melbourne-based company Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals Limited has uncovered a potential new therapeutic treatment in the global battle against mosquito-borne alphavirus infections, including the debilitating Ross River Virus and Chikungunya Virus.

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26 November 2014

Tall Poppy award celebrates scientific excellence

Institute for Glycomics scientist Dr Lara Herrero has been recognised for scientific excellence with a 2014 Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science Award.

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22 July 2021
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