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1 June 2018

New hope for drug resistant cancers as Griffith drug goes on trial in Czech Republic

Patients with drug resistant forms of breast cancer and some forms of pancreatic cancer may have new hope, thanks to a new drug first developed at Griffith and now being trialled in the Czech Republic.

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10 February 2015

Griffith research unlocks more about cancer

Ground-breaking research from Griffith University on the Gold Coast has some scientists wondering if the entire study of cellular biology needs to be adjusted.

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5 November 2014
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27 November 2013

Fighting resistant breast cancer

There is new hope in the fight against resistant forms of breast cancer as Griffith HealthInstitute (GHI) research aims to...

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12 February 2013
Professor Jiri Neuzil in his lab at Griffith Health Institute

Griffith cancer research among the best

Griffith's cancer research has been acknowledged as among the best in the state by Cancer Council Queensland and rewarded with significant funding.

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10 December 2012

Cancer Council and Heart Foundation boost Griffith research

Five Griffith University research projects have been awarded a total of $916,000 in funding by the Cancer Council Queensland and...

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5 November 2012

ARC grants abound in Griffith Health

Identification of the genes involved in human memory is just one of the Griffith research studies to receive funding as...

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8 September 2011

Griffith computational modelling enhances cancer drug design

New improvements concerning the way cancer drugs are designed and developed are a step closer as Griffith University develops new...

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1 September 2011

‘Clever’ cancer cells on researchers’ radar

Griffith Health Institute researchers are targeting cancer cells using a selective method that has potentially huge ramifications in the field...

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10 November 2017
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