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17 November 2015
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18 October 2021

Women in Finance and Economics Scholarships awarded

Financial planning students have been awarded $85,000 in tuition fee scholarships for women entering, re-entering and pursuing leadership roles across financial services.

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27 October 2016
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3 December 2015

International education wins due to personal commitment and dedication

Griffith International recognised academic leadership in advancing the internationalisation agenda with the annual Internationalisation Awards evening, held on the 17...

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24 August 2015
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9 June 2015
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17 September 2014

Career in finance beckons Dr Fan

While completing his PhD at the Griffith Business School John Fan amassed an impressive list of achievements.

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3 March 2022
Financial Literacy

Six ways to improve your teenager’s financial literacy

People need a basic understanding of financial concepts to make good financial decisions. Our newly released research found most students generally do not know a lot about personal finance.

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19 June 2014
GBS Pro Vice Chancellor, Professor Michael Powell joined by Mr Jeremy Cooper, Ms Danielle Press and Professor Michael E. Drew at the GCPFS launch.

Centre grapples with funding retirement

The launch of Griffith’s Centre for Personal Finance and Superannuation (GCPFS) comes at a time when Australians are weighing up the potential implications of the country’s newly established retirement age of 70.

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12 December 2023
Australian money

The floating Australian dollar

The 40th anniversary of the floating of the Australian dollar on December 12, 2023, marks a pivotal moment in Australia's economic history. Transitioning from a pegged to a flexible exchange rate in 1983, the journey showcases Australia's economic adaptability, facilitated by a floating exchange rate system, poised to guide the nation towards sustained growth and stability on the global stage.

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