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29 August 2017

North Korea fires missile over Japan

Andrew O’Neil, Professor of Political Science, says the time may be coming when the Trump administration re-examines US plans for striking North Korea.

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29 July 2017

Latest missile test not to be underestimated

As chaos reigns in the Trump White House, North Korea has for the second time within a month tested a missile that can strike US territory.

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19 July 2013

North Korea ship found with missile parts from Cuba

Recently Soviet-made missile material has been found under thousands of Cuban sugar bags on board a North Korean vessel in...

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13 December 2012

North Korea Missile Success

Professor Andrew O’Neil, Director Griffith Asia Institute, discusses North Korea’s most recent successful launch of a missile.   Listen to...

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30 April 2020

Australia should flex soft power in Asia Pacific ‘neighbourhood’

From North Korean missiles tests, Malaysian elections and President Trump’s TAIPEI Act, the geopolitical drama of Asia Pacific continues with the world in COVID-19 lockdown.

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5 July 2017

Implications of North Korea’s ICBM test

North Korea's announcement that it has successfully tested a ballistic missile with an intercontinental range has been highly anticipated for some time.

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1 June 2017

What game theory says about dealing with North Korea

North Korea fired its third missile in three weeks on May 29, once again drawing protests from South Korea and Japan.

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13 October 2016

Conference examines strategic actions of United States and China in the South China Sea

In October 2015, the United States Navy conducted a well-prepared freedom of navigation (FON) operation within 12 nautical miles of...

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18 June 2013
Man and worman prepare some food in foreground; white, old building in background

Pointed prejudice at odds with real sympathy

A willingness to accommodate an influx of Syrian refugees is clouded by past experience in Lebanon.

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14 February 2013

Scent of “germ” warfare raises fear in the Mideast

“The sectarian war in Syria reportedly has claimed more than 60,000 lives and spawned concerns in the Middle East and...

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