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17 June 2019

Round Table discussion on Labour Market Needs Forecasting offers valuable insights for Australia Awards scholars

Participants of the Australia Awards Labour Marketing Needs Forecasting Short Term Award presented by Griffith University recently participated in a...

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4 April 2014

Globalisation: how the labour market is responding

The response of labour forces to globalisation, and worker’s collective action in particular, was the topic of discussion during a...

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27 October 2013

Brisbane markets to the world as Griffith prepares for G20

Griffith University's global reach is emerging as a key advantage in the lead up to the Brisbane G20 Leaders Summit in November 2014.

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31 August 2022

What can unions and the Albanese government offer each other at the jobs summit?

The Jobs and Skills Summit will attempt to lay the groundwork for several years of policy development. The unions and the government will both look for co-operation from the other over the long haul.

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28 May 2021
Sally McManus

In Conversation with Sally McManus

End of an era, the future of work Renowned workers’ rights advocate and ACTU Secretary Sally McManus joined interviewer extraordinaire Kerry O’Brien...

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12 June 2019

Australia Awards scholars visit Griffith

Australia Awards scholars from Indonesia recently visited Griffith University for two weeks to partake in the inaugural Labour Markets Needs...

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10 October 2016
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30 May 2016
Professor Susan Harris-Rimmer.

Women 20 Summit in China links gender equality to the innovative growth agenda

Griffith Law School’s Associate Professor Susan Harris-Rimmer looks at the implications from the recent Women 20 Summit in China and the potential for increased female labour participation.

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7 October 2015
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13 August 2015

The past, present and future of Japan’s employment relations

The cycle of Japan’s employment relations (ER) practices was the topic of a Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing seminar...

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